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Functions as a Service (FaaS), but reimagined.

Bricks are the future of serverless development - modular, isolated, and functions developed in any programming language. Incredibly fast thanks to WebAssembly technology, highly scalable, and precisely billed.


Like carrier pigeons, but modern.

Our transactional notification service takes care of delivering your digital messages via various delivery methods - reliably send emails, SMS messages, push notifications, or physical letters via simple function calls.


The gateway to the outside world.

You decide which of your services should be connected to the internet in our infrastructure - and how it should be done. Choose between HTTPS, TCP, and UDP interfaces to enable customized access for your customers and external infrastructures.


The tunnel to the outside world.

Connect your corporate network to our infrastructure using modern WireGuard® technology to enjoy fast access to your Heviat services without unauthorized access to read or modify traffic.


Captchas, but without captchas.

Protect your services from bots and attacks by using our Captcha service for the forms and other interactive elements of your website. Heviat Verify is nearly interaction-free - to maintain high user-friendliness and maximize your conversion rate.