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Scale beyond clouds.

What sets Heviat apart.

Our Mission

Become the first European global player in the cloud business.

Our Vision

To help Europe prevent other nations from winning the global digital race.

We are frustrated by the near-monopoly position of non-European digital providers throughout Europe. Therefore, we aim to foster more competition in the cloud business and establish sovereign digital services in Europe. We are working hard to turn our vision into reality. Above all, we rely on our customers who use Heviat's services and thus make Heviat possible. Therefore, the wishes and critiques of our customers are of utmost priority for further development at Heviat. Feel free to contact us if you have anything to share.

Equally important are our employees who work tirelessly to meet the demands of our customers and make this project possible.

In contrast to non-European competition, we place great emphasis on compliance with all national data protection laws. Therefore, Heviat, for example, does not operate data centers in third countries that do not comply with German data protection standards or otherwise transfer customer data abroad. We strive to offer products that, while already offered by market leaders, have been niche products in Europe due to the lack of offerings.